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"banner, Ipswich Dockers Union" [NMLH.1993.581]


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banner, Ipswich Dockers Union [NMLH1993.581] (image/jpeg)
Catalogue Number NMLH.1993.581
Object Name banner
Place Ipswich & Suffolk & England & UK
Date c.1890-1910
Creator(s) NBS National Museum of Labour History
NBS National Museum of Labour History
George Tutill & Co. (Manufacturer)
Description This banner was made for the Ipswich branch of the Dock, Wharf, Riverside & General Labourers' Union, formed after the Great Dock strike of 1889. At this time the British trade union movement was becoming much stronger as semi-skilled and unskilled workers swelled its ranks.This is often referred to as the New Unionism.

The painted image on this side of the banner shows how central trade with the countries of the British Empire were for the United Kingdom's economy. National emblems here show what those countries largely were: the industrious beaver for Canada, the kangaroo of Australia, the elephant of India, and the ostrich of South Africa. The banner's other side indicates that the union put a value on being conciliatory towards the employer, here top-hatted.

The banner was conserved in the museum's Textile Conservation studio at 103 Princess Street in 1992.

Multimedia banner, Ipswich Dockers Union [NMLH1993.581] (image/jpeg)