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Connect10 – Vote PHM

Connect10 Janette Parris The People’s History Museum is very excited that we have been shortlisted to win a visit from artist Janette Parris in Culture24's Connect10 Museums at Night competition. We would love to be able to work with Janette to put on a fantastic event in the museum on Thursday 15 May. Actors, tour guides, comedians and puppeteers will be placed in hidden corners of our galleries to retell the history of two centuries of politics and campaigning.  What would have happened if the Cato Street Conspirators had succeeded in their plot?  What if the Chartist petition had been successful?  What if the suffragettes had failed to get votes for women?  What if Thatcher had lost the 1979 election?  You will be taken on a journey through this alternative history and encouraged to debate other possibilities through interaction with the performers. The public vote decides which museum wins the artist so please vote for PHM!