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New Dawn? 20 years since the 1997 general election

25 March - 4 June 2017, New Dawn? @ People's History Museum

23 March 2017

The 1997 general election was a unique moment in Britain’s modern democratic history; one which is captured, examined and discussed in an exhibition taking place at the People’s History Museum, running from Saturday 25 March to Sunday 4 June 2017.  The exhibition will explore ‘New’ Labour’s victory, helping visitors reflect on the issues it raised […]

Ian McKellen opens Never Going Underground

Close up of Ian McKellen speaking at the launch of Never Going Underground at the People's History Museum

3 March 2017

The museum was delighted to welcome Ian McKellen to open Never Going Underground: The Fight for LGBT+ Rights - a ground-breaking exhibition that explores the movement and stories of diverse LGBT+ communities and their quest for equality, and which marks 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexual acts in England and Wales (1967 Sexual Offences Act). […]

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