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Item of the Month – November 2015

Tourist Information leaflet, from Douglas Houghton’s 1957 trip to India

Tourist Information leaflet, from Douglas Houghton's 1957 trip to IndiaDouglas Houghton (1898-1996) served in the infantry during World War I fighting at Passchendale.  In 1922 he founded the Inland Revenue Staff Foundation, leading it until 1960.

Houghton was one of the first to go from media fame into politics, with the popular radio show Can I Help You (in which Houghton gave straightforward advice on political topics) airing in 1941.  Houghton became a Member of Parliament in 1949 for what is now Calder Valley.  He became a member of the House of Lords in 1974.

During his career Houghton represented the House of Commons on several parliamentary delegations around the commonwealth.  The Item of the Month is from Houghton’s 1957 trip to India and Pakistan and is the front cover of a Tourist Information leaflet.