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Item of the Month – June 2013

Archive June 2013 The New Hope for BritainJune 2013 – The New Hope for Britain

June 2013 marks 30 years since the 1983 General Election.

This is the Labour Party manifesto for that election. Often called “The longest suicide note in history”, it is much criticised but little read. The period in question was one of turmoil for the Labour Party and one in which they appeared out of touch with the concerns of millions of working people. However some of the central features of the manifesto are quite some way ahead of their political time: a Freedom of Information Act; a referendum on membership of what was then called the EEC; Scottish and Welsh devolution; a social housing investment programme; ensuring that there was no concentration of press/media power in the hands of one single owner. Most of the above issues will be central to the next General Election however in 1983 they were seen as being too far to the centre left.

The Labour History Archive & Study Centre holds over 250 boxes of election material dating from the 1890s to the present day.