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Item of the Month – January 2013

Archive item of the month

How to End War: The ILP view on Imperialism and Internationalism by A Fenner Brockway (c1925).

This pamphlet is taken from the archive’s extensive collection of c16,000 political pamphlets.  The Independent Labour Party, a socialist political party, was founded in January 1893 in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Keir Hardie was elected its first chairman.

The archive’s pamphlet collection includes over 150 pamphlets produced by the ILP and many more written by individuals within the Party such as Fenner Brockway.  Brockway was editor of the ILP’s newspaper the Labour Leader (later called the New Leader and Socialist Leader).  The archive holds copies of these newspapers from 1906-1987 with some of the earlier editions very fragile.



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