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Item of the Month – February 2015


Cover of proposal for new Jewish settlementArthur Katz was a Jew from Czechoslovakia, who sought refuge in Britain during the war.  His proposal ‘Proposition, How to Relieve Central European Countries from their Jewish Minorities’ was sent to the secretary of the Labour Party in 1945.

Katz lost his family to concentration camps.  In his proposal, he documents the rise of anti-Semitism and what he believed caused it.  Katz believed that the Jewish population had a right to their own state, and sought to move all of central Europe’s Jews to Ruthenia.  Here, he believed they would be free to live under their own laws and free from persecution.Map of proposed new Jewish settlement

In the accompanying letter, Katz begs for support from the Labour Party, and from their ‘circles of influence’.

From the Jim Middleton international papers, box 10.




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