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Item of the Month – August 2015

Rolling Rose Campaign, 1995
Rolling Rose was a large scale campaign for the Labour Party, covering 150 events during an eight month period.  The back-to-back promotions aimed to increase party membership and make the launch of New Labour known across the country.  The events within the campaign included political debates, live music and comedy, to encourage a variety of people to attend.  A touring mobile was specially designed to use as a venue for outdoor events, and a band was even commissioned for live evening events.

The campaign was run by a number of MPs, several of whom became familiar faces in the elected cabinet of 1997, such as Margaret Beckett, David Blunkett and Frank Dobson.  It was a very different form of campaign for the party at the time, but proved to be a clever way to promote party politics for the general public, with emphasis on policy and fun at the same time.

The Rolling Roses Band, 1997

This photograph features The Rolling Roses band, alongside John Prescott, former duty leader of the Labour Party and creator of the Rolling Rose campaign.  It is part of a series of photographs which are currently being processed by a UCLan placement student, Leah Bradford-Thom.

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