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Item of the Month – April 2014

Archive April 2014 The Labour Party Manifesto 1970Harold Wilson (1916-1995)

Harold Wilson would have been 98 this year. He was Prime Minister from 1964-1966, 1966-1970 and 1974-1976. He won four general elections in that time (two in 1974). However this photograph is from the 1970 election Labour Party Manifesto. This, of any of his election victories, was the one he was expected to win. However he lost to the Conservative Party led by Ted Heath.

Some of the subjects in the 1970 manifesto make interesting reading; there are calls for the building and expansion of New Towns, there is a demand that the media (the printed media in particular) does not fall into concentrated private ownership, and a push for exploration of the North Sea oilfields, to cut down on foreign dependency for the nation’s energy needs.