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Accessibility Statement

The People’s History Museum is committed to providing accessible and usable information via our website.

  • The museum has done several things to try and make it easier for you to access information;
  • A stylesheet is used on the website so that the information provided on each page is shown in a consistent manner.
  • The text can be increased or decreased in size by using the ‘view’ option in your web browser.
  • All images have alternative text equivalents to ensure that people who cannot see images can still use the site. If you find an image without alternative text please contact us.
  • The website has consistent navigation and structure to make it easy for you to find your way around it.
  • The site is accessible to people using a range of equipment and browsers, including older and lower specification hardware and software.
  • There are no pages requiring plug-ins. Where you may need additional software to view information we will let you know.
  • No information is exclusively conveyed using colour.
  • A site map is available to provide information about the layout of the website and its content.

To learn more about web accessibility visit the RNIB Web Access Centre.

If you find any area of the website difficult to use or you have any comments please email

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