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Public Event Submissions

Public Event Submissions

Want to hold a public event at the People’s History Museum?

Public events @ People's History Museum

The People’s History Museum holds an exciting programme of public events throughout the year, including tours, talks and performances.  Many of these are led by our own lovely staff, however we are delighted that we have hosted some excellent events by external organisations.  Just visit our What’s On page to find out more.

We have a number of stunning event spaces in our magnificently restored historic Edwardian Pump House.  As well as the space, we provide a range of support including marketing assistance, AV equipment and booking support.

If you’re interested in running a public event at the People’s History Museum then we’d love to hear from you.  Anyone can apply to hold an event whether you are an individual, a group or an organisation.  However, there are certain conditions that we look for when assessing applications.

PHM Programme 2017-2019

From 2017 our programming will be based around upcoming major anniversaries.  But we will not just talk about history.  The museum will become a bridge, linking the past to the present.  Our organisation will be a vibrant space where today’s world can safely be debated and discussed.  We particularly welcome event submissions that link to the programme themes.

  • 2017: Never Going Underground
    The stories at PHM’s heart are those of the fight against injustice.  50 years after the first legislation that gave limited rights to gay men, the museum intends to recognise and celebrate the unknown and unheralded who campaigned for equality.  From civil partnerships to gay marriage, the events, exhibitions and performances included in Never Going Underground reflect the past and current lives of the LGBT+ community; a group that continues to experience high levels of violence, intimidation and discrimination.
  • 2018: Some women and all men: a hundred years since 1918
    PHM intends to be at the centre of events to mark 100 years since some women and all men got the vote.  The museum will be the place to discuss how we won the vote and what it means to us now.  As trust in democracy and political systems is failing across the western world, never has such a task been so important.  Across 2018 PHM will work with a variety of partners to examine 1918 and its legacy.  Questions will include what the vote meant for those women who fought for it in the 19th and early 20th century?  What (if any) benefits did the vote bring?  What was the legacy of the suffragettes?  What effect did tripling the electorate have on the people and on the parties?  PHM’s programme will engage with and encourage artists and academics, the apathetic, the angry and the politically active to debate the meaning, relevance and future of democracy then and now.
  • 2019: Peterloo
    The massacre, in Manchester, of peaceful protesters demanding the vote lived long in the memory.  Working with the Manchester Histories Festival, PHM will be a key centre in commemorating the horrific events of 16 August 1819.  Currently Peterloo is a story known principally in the North West.  Our intent is to tell that story nationally.  Working with partners across the city and beyond, we want to engage people in the emotional and visceral experience that was Peterloo.  In a world where the right to peaceful protest is under constant revision, and where politics is as much about the occupation of virtual as well as physical space, PHM will show that the meanings of Peterloo have never been more relevant.

Criteria for externally proposed events

Events proposals will be assessed on how they fulfil the aims of the museum’s Events Strategy and our capacity to deliver events.

The following criteria will be used for assessment:

  • A strong link to the themes, collections or exhibitions at the People’s History Museum, the home of radical ideas (events that link the historic and contemporary will be prioritised)
  • A clear, defined target audience and a clear plan on how to reach this audience
  • A clear set of aims and objectives, with specific measurables of success

All event proposals that meet these criteria will be discussed at quarterly events meetings and assessed on how they slot into the planned events programme.  As stated in the events strategy, the programme must be coherent, with events clustered or thematically linked.  Therefore we may be unable to accept all events proposals at this stage.  Proposals may be taken forward to the next events meeting.

For more information see our Events Guidance Notes.  If you’re interested in submitting a proposal please fill in our Expression of Interest Form and email it to

Event proposals are considered at our quarterly events meetings.  Please note the following key dates:

      • For events in summer (June – Aug) deadline for submissions is 15 January
      • For events in autumn (Sept – Nov) deadline for submissions is 15 March
      • For events in winter (Dec – Feb) deadline for submissions is 15 June
      • For events in spring (March – May) deadline for submissions in 15 October

If you are looking for a space for a private event, or if your event doesn’t fit our criteria, then we have excellent Venue Hire facilities.  Visit our Venue Hire page for more information.