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Microresidencies Project – winners announced

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Over the course of our Work in Progress exhibition, we will be inviting three early career artists to base their studios in the exhibition space.  They will have one week to explore our collections, engage with our visitors and create something inspirational.  We had 90 incredible applications and we managed to whittle them down to the 12 most original and creative ideas.  Over two weeks 1,165 people voted for their three favourite artists to win £600 per residency and the chance to work at the home of ideas worth fighting for.

The winners

Claire CurtinFirst place – Claire Curtin

Join me in making a series of protest works, which will be paraded at the end of the residency in a public demonstration.  Take part in the demo and highlight issues you’ve been fighting for.  We’ll make placards & satirical collages, write letters and more…




Oliver BlissSecond place – Oliver Bliss

Join creative textiles workshops crafting messages of hope to MPs who did not vote ‘Yes’ to equal marriage.  Learn about the role of MPs, be inspired by the pioneering banner collections challenging Clause-28, and craft your own history-making messages.  This craftivist project will champion a triumph in our collective history!



Sashwati Mira Sengupta & Jaydev MistryThird place – Sashwati Mira Sengupta & Jaydev Mistry

Migrant communities have changed the course of UK Workers’ Rights.  Sashwati Mira Sengupta & Jaydev Mistry will explore the museum’s archives, creating an original music composition and visual piece on this theme.

Share your experiences of MIGRATION, PROTEST and/or WORKERS’ RIGHTS – and this could be included in the composition.

The finalists

Quina ChapmanQuina Chapman

I make theatre and art with communities.  I will use my microresidency to explore the museum’s collections and visitor views around the fight for the right to vote.  I will create a theatrical performance starring historical figures that fought for suffrage and explore how these figures react to my research

Simon FaridSimon Farid

Historical Pre-enactment.  The media likes to have news stories written before things happen: Thatcher dying, Van Gaal’s signing, Kate’s baby.  Vote for me and you can help decide what comes next by pre-enacting the news with me before it takes place.  Photoshop the Scottish referendum? Film a revolution in Greece?  Pick a name for Kate’s next baby?


Alex Gardner

Tired of feeling like your vote doesn’t matter?  I NEED YOUR VOTE!  I want to create a large PAPER SCULPTURE about PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION!  Vote in my MOCK ELECTION or pick up some SCISSORS and get stuck in!  Let’s make politics FUN and CREATIVE, not boring and full of inaccessible statistics…

Jamie Ingram & James McCormickJamie Ingram & James McCormick

Imagine time travel in an audio world..  How would it sound to you?  You the visitor can take part in an audio workshop to create a unique composition that the public will hear you create and perform?  Sound Interesting?  This is your chance!!  Vote for us to gain a space at the PHM Microresidency and you will not be disappointed.  YOU DO NOT NEED MUSIC KNOWLEDGE TO TAKE PART.


Lauren MurphyLauren Murphy

I will look at the museum’s collection of worn statements; the badges, medals, sashes, ribbons, rosettes and interrogate these objects more closely with the engagement of the public.  What message are they conveying?  What impact does a worn statement have today?  The public will create responses to them to convey what people would like to say today.






Nick OramNick Oram

Vote for me, and together we will write a play inspired by the People’s History Museum.

You will have the unique opportunity to get inside the head of a playwright, contribute to a play’s story, characters and themes, and even perform in a public read-through.




Kyra PollittKyra Pollitt

Bodies are powerful tools for making change.  We use them to communicate political messages – by standing, sitting, marching, wearing short hair, t-shirts, earrings, badges…Join our body politic!

Model your favourite figure from the museum’s collection or show us your own expression.  We’ll add your photo to our People’s Banner.



Meg WoodsMeg Woods

Power Tarot plays on a medium traditionally used to look into the future, with a contemporary, political twist.  You’re invited to choose from a selection of cards, deciding the fate of Britain.  Will voting be suspended for the next 20 years or will mass protests overthrow the government?  It’s down to you.



Lewis WrightLewis Wright

Make a statement with PUNK pad.

Explore music’s relationship with politics hands-on.  Mash up samples from the past 300 years and as many genres using a sample-pad whilst learning about their political provenance.  PUNK pad is a versatile instrument, allowing visitors to create something musically engaging with political punch!





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